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In the book Managing Authentic Relationships, Robert Collignon writes about the Relationship Management Strategy being a top-down approach as well as a bottom-up approach. The relationship management is the eyes and ears of the organization, for relationships are reciprocal.

The development of a Relationship Management Strategy is crucial to execute a successful relationship management and obtain strategic results from the investments in the relationship with the stakeholders. The relationship management also provides the organization with an antenna on key barriers, opportunities or connections among stakeholders from which the organization might benefit.

“Relationship Management can provide valuable input to the strategy of the organization such as:

  • What are key areas of interest to insiders (those within the network) and what are considered threats by outsiders (those outside the network)?
  • What is the current position of the organization as perceived by stakeholders?
  • What do stakeholders want to get out of the relation with the organization?
  • What activities are effective in building targeted relationships?
  • What are key requirements to achieve this?
  • Which relationships or stakeholder connections have become (more) important to the organization?
  • What are opportunities to fortify and deepen relationships to contribute to the longer-term vision of the organization?”

In the top-down approach the Manager of the Network can provide feedback, identity requirements and limitations and as such – via an iterative approach – improve the strategy. In the bottom-up approach the Manager of the Network can actively feed the strategy debate by playing back insights derived from the network of the organization. Constructive participation of the Manager of the Network in the strategy debate of the organization requires the manager to synthesize the ‘noise from the network’ into valuable insights to the organization.”

This topic is discussed in Chapter 4 of the book Managing Authentic Relationships, which was published by Amsterdam University Press in March this year. Chapter 4 is about the development of a Relationship Management Strategy and the role of the Manager of the Network in the strategy debate of an organization. The Manager of the Network is the one facilitating effective networking activities within the organization.


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