Jean Paul Wijers is the founder and director of the Institute of Strategic Relationship Management (ISRM). In 1996 he graduated from the Hotelschool The Hague, one year after starting his first company ‘Protocolbureau‘. Between 2001 and 2009 Jean Paul Wijers worked as head-usher for the Master of Ceremonies of H.M. Queen Beatrix, at the Royal Weddings, State Funerals and Royal Baptisms.

Jean Paul used his unique experience in protocol to develop a method for organising effective networking meetings with measurable results. In a modern application, protocol is a way to increase the number of meaningful encounters at networking event.

The vision of Jean Paul Wijers on effective relationship management resulted in the foundation of the ISRM. Jean Paul is also the initiator of the postgraduate programme about strategic relationship management and the book ‘Managing Authentic Relationships’.