A book about relationship management

Relationship Management; the ‘eyes and ears’ of the organization

Dit artikel in het Nederlands In the book Managing Authentic Relationships, Robert Collignon writes about the Relationship Management Strategy being a top-down approach as well as a bottom-up approach. The relationship management is the eyes and ears of the organization, for relationships are reciprocal. The development of a Relationship Management Strategy is crucial to execute […]

Banquet of Guardsmen from the District IV under Captain Jacob Backer and Lieutenant Jacob Rogh, Nicolaes Pickenoy, 1632 (detail), canvas, 198 x 531 cm, collection Amsterdam Museum

What we can learn from 17th century networking; small closed trust-based networks

This article in Dutch / dit artikel in het Nederlands   In March, Amsterdam University Press published the book Managing Authentic Relationships; Facing New Challenges in a Changing Context. A book about networking and relationship management written by Jean Paul Wijers, Monica Bakker, Robert Collignon and Gerty Smit and with contributions by among others Prof. René […]

3-7 June in Brussels: postgraduate training programme Strategic Relationship Management

Thank you Wytze VanderGaast for making this video about our postgraduate training programme ‘Strategic Relationship Management‘. In the video our founder and director Jean Paul Wijers talks about how our postgraduate teaches participants to professionalise the relationship management of an organisation. From 3-7 June in Brussels (in English) and starting at 18 September in Amsterdam […]

ISRM provides support in making relationship management more professional

Professional relationships management provides access to the right networks; ISRM supports the further development of a professional relationship management.

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