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strategic relationship management


A unique feature of this postgraduate is the structure. Starting with theory, the programme gradually takes on a more practical aspect so that by the end, you are able to translate the organisational strategy into effective relationship meetings. You will be able to not only shape a vision of strategic relationship management, develop a network strategy, design relationships within organisations and build external relationships but also apply these skills in real business situations.

“I highly recommend Strategic Relationship Management; the translation of a corporate strategy into a relationship management strategy. This and more you will learn during this inspiring programme. Strategic Relationship Management gave me a lot of energy” – Vanessa Dobbe, Corporate Communication Advisor Rabobank The Hague 

Programme SRMModule 1
Shape vision (open your mind)
Become inspired to form a ‘Strategic Relationship Management’ vision: why are networks important, why do leaders need a network, what is the goal of relationship management?

Kick-off session: introduction
Shape vision on relationship management
Presentation of the integrated assignment
Group dinner and relationship management in practice (guest lecture)

Shape vision on relationship management (continue)
Relational leadership
Protocol and relationship management

Module 2
Develop a network strategy
Learn how to analyse the organisation’s strategy and business model, and develop a tailor-made relationship management strategy that meets the long term needs of your organisation.

Analysing the organisations’ strategy and business model
Develop a tailor-made relationship management strategy
Stakeholder management

Management of relationship management 
Performance management
Relationship management in practice (guest lecture)

Module 3
Designing the internal relationships
Find out how to embed the responsibility for relationship management in the organisational culture, and how colleagues can be motivated to contribute to the desired strategy.

Design the internal relationships: internal stakeholder management
Motivation & influencing
Networking and etiquette dinner

Module 4 and 5
Staging the encounter
Develop a toolkit to support those acting as networker. Organise effective relationship meetings based upon the information from the previous modules and get the best return on the investment of any organisation’s most precious resources: time and personal attention.

Develop a toolkit to support the networkers
Translating the vision and strategy into a goal per networking event
Modern protocol management versus classic protocol (including a lecture about State Visits)
The management of effective networking meetings

“Protocol translates organisational strategy into effective networking meetings.” – Eric Niehe, former Ambassador of the Netherlands in India

Integrated assignment
Apply the theory into a real life businesscase
Apply the theoretical knowledge and learning during the programme to a real business case, with a final well-supported presentation (4-6 weeks after the end of the programme: submit final version of the report, 6-8 weeks after the end of the programme: presentation of the report)

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