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strategic relationship management

General information

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Meaningful and reciprocal relationships are the keys to success in the dynamic and sustainable network society in which we live. The objective of the Strategic Relationship Management programme is to deliver maximum added long term value and efficiency from networks and relationships.

Postgradudate Strategic Relationship ManagementHave you ever struggled with an overloaded agenda as a result of which personal (business) relationships suffer?
Today’s world is a paradox. On the one hand, the internet revolution has brought contact and communication literally within touching distance. On the other hand, this ‘convenient truth’ can also create a distance in personal relationships. Which makes it all the more vital to optimise those few moments of personal contact you have and use the opportunity to maximise the added value that personalised attention can bring to your relationship.

Participants in the Strategic Relationship Management programme deal with complex relationship management issues on a strategic and operational level. They come from different fields, such as government institutions, non-profit organisations and commercial environments.

“Strategic Relationship Management delivers maximum added long term value and efficiency from networks and relationships.” – Tanja Dik, former CEO State Entertainment

The Strategic Relationship Management postgraduate is developed in a cooperation with the ProtocolbureauStrategic Relationship Management covers all the aspects of effective relationship management in 5 modules during 6 learning days over a period of three months. All class material, certification, catering and hotel accommodation is included.

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