The ‘Strategic Relationship Management programme’ (postgraduate) teaches participants how to professionalise the relationship management of an organisation. The aim is to enable the participants to make it possible for the network of an organisation to both structurally and measurably contribute to achieving the organisation’s targets. The basis of this is the structuring of the entire relationship management; one policy from strategy to implementation.

From 7 March (6 training days during a 3-4 month period) in Amsterdam (in Dutch) and from 3 to 7 June (one week, 5 training days) in Brussels (in English)

The relationship management programma begins with refining the vision of the participants concerning the importance of having a network and establishing an effective relationship management strategy that is aligned with the strategy of the organisation. The participants of the postgraduate training programme also learn how the ‘Return on Relations’ is calculated, how best to identify the external and internal stakeholders, how to deal with the complexity of the management of relations and about setting up the internal responsibility and implementation for relationship management. The training programme also focuses on the transition of organisations to a network organisation and is completed with the development of network competencies and the organisation of measurable, effective network meetings.

Structuring of the entire relationship management