Programme day 1 and 2

Refining the vision of the participants concerning the importance of having a network:

  • What are relations, what are networks?
  • Why are relations and networks essential to (business) success?
  • Relational leadership.
  • Developing a network vision.

This component comprises discussions and interactive workshops.

Programme day 3 and 4

  • Developing a relationship management strategy.
  • Identifying the stakeholders.
  • Calculating the (economic) value of relations: the Return on Relations.
  • The complexity of the management of relations.

This component comprises various business cases and models.

Programme day 5 and 6

  • Internal responsibility for and implementation of relationship management.
  • The transition to a modern network organisation.
  • Developing networking competencies and organising measurable effective network meetings.

This component comprises discussions, interactive workshops and a networking dinner.

Defence of study

  • The participants apply the training theory to their own work situation in a study.

Diploma award ceremony

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