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How do you organise effective relationship meetings for business relations with measurable results? How can you manage to get the employees to devote their attention to the guests, and not to each other?

The management for effective relationship meetings consists of the following six spearheads:

  • Organising a relationship meeting: how do you see to it that the proper meetings will take place?
  • Composing a guest list: how to make a list with common interests that also supports your objectives?
  • The invitation route: aiming for the desired attendance.
  • Briefing/training: how to support the networkers?
  • Orchestrating meetings: will people really meet each other?
  • Measurability: what are the results?

Effective relationship meetingsOur vision on relationship management provides the answer to these questions, a vision that has been develop in cooperation with the Protocolbureau. The basis of this vision is a modern view on protocol management, as created by European monarchies over the centuries.

In essence, protocol has always been about optimising relationships by maximising personal attention and systemising logistics. Protocol management enables the staging of the personal encounter. In a world where personal attention has become scarce and technology a facilitator for rules and procedures, protocol management provides us with a unique vision in which personal time is the greatest good we can give to someone. It is the modern currency of relationships.

“The Institute of Strategic Relationship Management is the number one expert in the Netherlands on relationship management. The Protocolbureau was involved in the organisation of many Royal events and official ceremonies. Together these institutes transformed protocol into a contemporary version of relationship management.” – Martin van Pernis, former CEO Siemens Netherlands

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