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How to increase the effect of networking? How to increase the number of meaningful encounters?
The ‘effective networking-training’ is a tailor made training meant for those who want to improve their networking skills such as account managers, diplomats, lobbyists and fundraisers.

Improve your networking skillsThe training contains one or more of the following elements:

  • Basic networking skills: How to start a conversation? How to end? What are the best moments to make contact? How to introduce myself? And my colleague? How to remember names? What to talk about?
  • Non-verbal networking skills: How do I come across? How to present myself? How is my posture and behaviour?
  • Organisational networking skills: How are effective relationship meetings being organised? How to create meaningful encounters? How to measure results?
  • Relational leadership: Why can successful leaders not survive without a meaningful network ? Why is it important to know the right people? How to increase the effect from networks and relations? What is effective relationship management?

Our approach 
The ‘effective networking-training’ is prepared and coordinated by one of our education experts. Your goals are translated into a tailor-made proposal. The training includes class material, hand-outs, binders and/or literature.

Ask us for more information via This training is part of our postgraduate about strategic relationship management.